Sharon Hansen, LUTCF

My desire to help people is what first brought me into the business of insurance and investments and the personal rewards are what keep me involved.

I began my insurance career in 1980 with Bankers Life and Casualty and in 1981 formed Heritage Financial Group, Inc. and became an independent insurance broker. I am dedicated to assisting my clients in finding the right product for their needs. I will determine what you need, and most importantly what you want, then match you with the product that best fits those needs.

Through the years I have been very active in Skagit Women in Business (SWIB). I sat on the Skagit Women’s Alliance and Network Board (SWAN), two different terms and the last term was holding the fundraising Chair position for 7 years. My late husband, Jim and I went to New Orleans and helped to build a playground through a national organization called KaBoom!. They have a simple philosophy, “No child should grow up without a playground to play on”. I have held many different positions, from President on down, with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) for my entire career. I am also a member of the Washington and National Association of Health Underwriters (WAHU & NAHU).

I have 5 boys and 7 grandchildren. They all keep me very busy. I am an avid baker and love to cook. I was unexpectedly widowed in the fall of 2015, and I am still learning to navigate through life on my own.

Kelim Markey
Licensed Agent – Se Habla Español

Passionate to ensure that our clients receive the best services and products our company can provide. I found my purpose working with people willing to commit and develop a better self, every day.

I grew up in a small town in the Venezuela, I got my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of the Andes – Trujillo, VE. 2010

I joined Heritage Financial Group, Inc, in March 2018 and immediately pursued obtaining my Washington Health Insurance Producer License. Prior to joining the team, I began my career working as an accountant for Perija Group, CA., a transnational company dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of consumer products. My experience in accounting involved working with different business fields in a fast-paced environment.

I’m trained to use different marketing techniques to grow business, and I was also able to develop my interpersonal skills by listening to my client’s needs. Most importantly my job entails that I make sure that the clients are satisfied with the products and the company.

We will work with you, one-on-one, to educate you on how health insurance works–from acquiring a plan to understanding your plans benefits, and to how it can be used to pay for medical expenses. In the end, we hope to educate you on the current marketplace and to provide you with the information needed to choose a plan of insurance that best meets your financial and medical needs.

What makes Heritage Financial Group, Inc unique is we focus on quality insurance products with professional services. With our firm, you as the customer, can literally walk in and shop among the nation’s leading carriers for a health insurance product that best fits your individual, family, small and large business needs.

We recognize that no two individuals, families or businesses are alike – and the type and level of coverage needed will be equally unique. We will help you to obtain the best possible plan at the best possible price for the most comprehensive coverage.

Kelim Markey
Agente de Seguros– Se Habla Español

Apasionada por garantizar que nuestros clientes reciban los mejores servicios y productos que nuestra empresa puede brindar. Encontré mi propósito trabajando con personas dispuestas a comprometerse y desarrollarse cada día mejor.

Crecí en un pequeño pueblo de Venezuela, obtuve mi licenciatura en Contabilidad y Finanzas en la Universidad de los Andes – Trujillo, VE. 2010

Me uní a Heritage Financial Group, Inc, en marzo de 2018 e inmediatamente traté de obtener mi licencia de productor de seguros de salud de Washington.

Estamos especializados en brindar asesoría a nuestros clientes, acerca del uso y beneficios de cada uno de los productos que ofrecemos. Representamos las compañías de seguros de salud más sólidas y mejor calificadas en el mercado, contamos con las mejores opciones en planes individuales, colectivos y corporativos.

Trabajaremos con usted, uno a uno, para educarlo sobre cómo funciona el seguro de salud, desde adquirir un plan hasta comprender los beneficios de su plan y cómo se puede usar para pagar los gastos médicos. Al final, esperamos educarlo sobre el mercado actual y brindarle la información necesaria para elegir un plan de seguro que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades financieras y médicas.